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The Sfrcord FURFIXS Magnetique Lvmphvity Cleaning Health Pad

The Sfrcord FURFIXS Magnetique Lvmphvity Cleaning Health Pad

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Lauren Wilson submitted this photo of her journey using the Sfrcord FURFIXS Magnetique Lvmphvity Cleaning Health Pad. Congrats on the success!

"This wellness pad has helped me sleep well recently, I don't feel any pain in my legs and the swelling in my legs has completely disappeared. This product has helped me get rid of the swelling in just 4 weeks of using it."

"I thought about giving up my varicose veins at one point, but now I'm so glad I tried this wellness pad. I've always had leg cramps, and as I got older, I found my varicose veins were getting worse every day, affecting my Worked, and even made me say goodbye to short skirts. I kept using it every day, and within about a week or so, my varicose veins started to change and the pain lessened. Now, it's been a month, and my legs look much better now "


The Lymphatic System - Our body's “sewerage system" to absorb digestive tract fats & remove cellular waste

The lymphatic system maintains fluid levels in your body. absorbs fats from the digestive tract. protects your body against foreign invaders and transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph.

How Does The Sfrcord FURFIXS Magnetique Lvmphvity Cleaning Health Pad Can Help The Lymphatic System?

● The self-heating technology of this product can penetrate the skin and target specific fat cells to destroy them. while ultrasonic vibrations break down and liquefy the fat cells.

● The product features continuous RF and IONIX technologies that aid in reducing fat during sleep.

● By using a combination of RF and IONIX technologies. it can break down fatty acids underneath the skin. which helps reduce cellulite and improve lymphatic circulation.

Self-Heating Technology

The Sfrcord FURFIXS Magnetique Lvmphvity Cleaning Health Pad is a device designed to slim down your arms. It is equipped with 5 magnetic tourmaline stones measuring 62 mm each. When you wear this device. it triggers a self-heating mechanism and releases IONIX elements that enhance blood circulation. dissolve fat cells. and aid the body in detoxification.

How Does The Sfrcord FURFIXS Magnetique Lvmphvity Cleaning Health Pad Works?

Due to the fact that fat cells have a greater sensitivity to lower temperatures compared to other cells in the body. heat can be utilized to eradicate fat cells without causing harm to the skin and nearby tissues. The fat that has melted away is eliminated from the body over the course of several weeks following the treatment. As a result. the outcomes of the procedure become visible gradually over time.

The tourmaline magnetic stone that self-generates heat has a direct connection to the blood circulation system. It aids our subconscious mind in detecting if any particular part of our body is not receiving an adequate supply of blood. and triggers changes in blood flow if required. This feature is particularly beneficial for the hormonal system. metabolism. and digestion. It can enhance the dissolving of fat cells. leading to a positive impact on overall health.

The Sfrcord FURFIXS Magnetique Lvmphvity Cleansing & Wellness Pad is an innovative patch that can be adjusted to fit your neck, legs, arms. It combines RF and IONIX technology to break down fatty acids located under the skin, unblocking blood circulation and lymphatic circulation. This results in a more toned and leaner appearance.

What Makes This Sfrcord FURFIXS Magnetique Lvmphvity Cleaning Health Pad Be The GREAT CHOICE?

No batteries required.

Effectively melts fat cells & firms the skin.

Reduces 85% of excess lymphatic fluid in 2 months.

Unblocks blood circulation & lymph nodes.

Quick & non-invasive.

Speeds up metabolism.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN - breathable fabric.

Wireless & portable.

Here are some of our happy customers:

"This has given me the relief I needed and has improved my quality of life."

"The Sfrcord FURFIXS Magnetique Lvmphvity Cleaning Health Pad has given me the relief I needed and has improved my quality of life in just a short period of time. The pain and discomfort I felt every day has significantly reduced. and I feel more comfortable moving my neck. The pad is easy to use and is not uncomfortable to wear while going about my day. I appreciate that this product utilizes innovative technologies to break down the fatty tissues that have been causing my neck hump. It has made a noticeable difference in my life and I highly recommend it to anyone experiencing a similar issue. " - Angelica Jannuse


"I'm starting to see some real changes and I'm feeling more confident about my body!"

"I had severe lymphedema in my arms and tried many things to no avail. Sfrcord FURFIXS Magnetique Lvmphvity Cleansing Pads were recommended to me by some of my patient friends and gave me hope. Let me tell you. THIS CHANGED The rules of the game! The self-heating tourmaline magnets and IONIX elements have really helped me unblock my blood circulation and reduce the fluid accumulation in my arms. After consistent use. I started to see some real changes and I feel more confident in my body. - Victoria Taylor


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