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✨Sfrcord®Plant care foot mats

✨Sfrcord®Plant care foot mats

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Amelia Murphy's success story through the use of Sfrcord®Plant care foot mats.

“I have had varicose veins in my feet for 3 years now and they have been getting worse. Despite my efforts at treatment. it has only gotten worse over time. Normal walking and standing has been difficult for me to maintain. My second vascular surgeon recommended this product. which administers the treatment from the bottom of the foot. It worked very well. Within the first day of wearing it. I noticed that the pain and weakness disappeared. I hadn't experienced this feeling of relaxation and relief in a long time. After two weeks. it not only reduced the swelling of my blood vessels. but also helped my feet endure long walks of up to half an hour. The herbal scents and ingredients were also released from the insoles. providing much needed relief for my legs. This is by far the most comfortable product I have ever purchased. after 4 weeks. my varicose veins are completely gone and the tingling sensation in my legs has disappeared! I have been using them for 4 weeks now and I can clearly see the change in my appearance. I absolutely love them! These insoles are a lifesaver for tired feet!”   -Monique Mojica

“I am very grateful for Sfrcord® Plant care foot mats as they have helped me successfully shed excess fat! I have always felt self-conscious because my weight prevented me from wearing my favorite clothes. which left me feeling extremely frustrated. However. since I started using these foot mats. I have noticed a significant improvement in the agility of my feet and an overall sense of comfort and relaxation in my body. Using these insoles every day. I can feel the soothing effects on my feet and the accelerated metabolism in my body. while also relieving joint pain. This product has not only helped me lose weight but also improved my burdened joints.”  - Celestine Anderson

Sfrcord®Plant care foot mats get to the root of the problem

There is a root association between the soles of the feet and varicose veins. The soles of the feet are one of the most important parts of the body's venous system and contain many blood vessels and vascular valves. When these blood vessels and valves become faulty. blood accumulates and builds up in the area of the soles of the feet. leading to the appearance of varicose veins.

Varicose veins can cause a range of symptoms. including swelling and discoloration of the feet and ankles. When the veins in the legs become weakened and are unable to circulate blood properly. this can lead to fluid and blood buildup in the lower legs. resulting in swelling and redness. This usually manifests as a heavy or painful sensation in the feet. especially after long periods of standing or sitting. In some cases. the skin around the affected area may become discolored or even develop sores or ulcers.

Sfrcord®Plant care foot mats stimulates over 800 reflex points in the foot. Sfrcord® Plant care foot mats generate energy without any other energy source (e.g. electricity). These Sfrcord® Plant care foot mats are based on iontotherapy. far infrared therapy and absinthe therapy to provide users with a multi-dimensional massage and stimulation. It helps to effectively stimulate the body's blood and lymphatic circulation. relieves lymphedema and inflammation. and reduces fluid and fat accumulation in the body.

Studies have shown that Sfrcord® Plant care foot mats are the best choice for relief of varicose veins and joint problems Sfrcord® Plant care foot mats release negative ions and far infrared rays on their own. New York medicine believes that the easiest. safest and most effective way to treat most diseases. including cancer. is to improve the body through infrared therapy. Infrared therapy causes blood vessels to dilate and clear the growth of impurities between joints. thereby enhancing circulation and oxygen delivery throughout the body.

Studies have shown that the Sfrcord®Plant care foot mats is an excellent choice for weight loss. The Sfrcord®Plant care foot mats can generate infrared without the need for external energy supply. According to New York Medicine. infrared therapy can not only promote blood circulation. enhance cell metabolism. promote collagen production. etc.. but also help the body consume calories. thus achieving weight loss. Infrared therapy can stimulate fat cells in the body to release fatty acids and glycerol. which can then be consumed by the body. thus achieving weight loss. In addition. infrared therapy can also accelerate the body's metabolism. thus consuming more calories to achieve the goal of weight loss. 

Foot pads soaked in absinthe and fixed around tourmaline by a special process can release thujone and negative ions. The combination of far infrared therapy and absinthe therapy can help you relieve pain in different parts of the body. relax muscles in different areas. and relieve inflammation. It has been observed over time to prevent and treat health problems such as inflammation. cellulite. shutdown pain. edema. varicose veins. etc. It can even pre-improve bowed feet. bunions. etc.

The insole contains tourmaline minerals (precious natural minerals). which stimulate the blood vessels in the toes and feet through acupressure to promote blood circulation and relax the body. It is cleverly designed to relax the soles of your feet for any occasion. Relieves foot pressure. 4 times more comfortable than ordinary insoles. but has 10 times more shaping effect on the body. 1 day time to shape a healthy and relaxed body! 

Burn Fat. Detoxify and Quickly Shape Your Body

 Our Sfrcord® Plant care foot mats can help you with your weight loss program. even if you don't exercise regularly and eat a healthy balanced diet with 80% far infrared therapy to help you reach your ideal weight. These foot mats help increase your metabolism. detoxify your body and eliminate accumulated cellulite and edema. It also helps you shape up quickly. making your knees stronger and your feet more relaxed.


What makes Sfrcord® Plant care foot mats the perfect solution?
Treatment proven by authorities

Eliminates varicose veins and arched feet

Reduces internal waste and excess fat. slims the body

Speeds up metabolism and solves lymphatic problems (lymphedema. lipomas. etc.)

Significantly improves blood circulation throughout the body

Reduces body fatigue and chronic inflammation

Reduces weight lifting in the feet and strengthens the immune system

Let's take a look at Tanya's body shaping journey with the help of Sfrcord®Plant care foot mats:


I have to admit. I was a bit skeptical at first. Despite the reasonable price and comfortable insoles. I doubted their effectiveness. Boy. was I wrong. The Sfrcord® Plant care foot mats have been a lifesaver! Ever since I started using them regularly. the swelling has been relieved! All the lingering pain I used to experience after prolonged standing has vanished. Thanks to the Sfrcord® Plant care foot mats. my varicose veins are gone. and I have regained my active lifestyle.

Since I started wearing Sfrcord® Plant care foot mats. I have seen a significant loss in my weight. I love the transformation it has brought me. I used to be overweight and constantly struggled with lymphatic system issues such as swelling in my ankles. legs and feet. But now. that's all history. I no longer have painful lymph nodes. I feel more energetic and lead a more active life than I ever have before. I feel lighter. more relaxed. and have confidence in myself and my appearance.


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